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First lesson on piano or organ FREE!

Piano & Organ

When first learning the piano or organ, young students and beginners usually receive a weekly 30 minute lesson. Advanced students (Grade 6 and above) will usually require and benefit from a longer weekly lesson. Adults and those at diploma level may wish to seek a more irregular pattern of lessons and timings as required. 

Music Theory

The Grade 5 Music Theory course consists of a weekly 60 minute lesson for approximately 12 weeks. The length of the course can vary depending on the student's existing knowledge and understanding. 

Tutoring & Aural Training

Individual tutoring and consultation for GCSE and A Level, and aural training for ABRSM exams is available on request. Specialist areas include composition, and harmony and counterpoint.

Flexible learning -

your choice

It's important that learning to play an instrument fits around other commitments. That's why as a piano teacher I have a flexible approach to where you or your child have lessons.


There are three options:

  • At home: I travel to you 

  • In studio: You travel to me

  • Online: Via Zoom

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